5-minute Ab Workout


Try this workout at home or at the club!

Challenge yourself with our full body 5-minute workout that focuses on strengthening your core. You can do these ab exercises with gliding discs at the club or hand towels on any hard floor surface. 

Duration: Perform each exercise for 30 seconds and progress to 1-minute each for a great 5-minute ab workout.

To start, set up in the plank position and place the discs or towels underneath hands:

1. Push-Up with Arm Reaches
In plank position, lower body half way down with a straight spine and hold a low push-up. Reach one arm out in a diagonal line while holding push-up with the other arm. Alternate arm reaches.

With your feet on gliders or towels:

2. Pikes
Slide your feet to your hands and bring your bottom high to the ceiling as you create an upside down V-shape with your body. Push into your toes to slide the discs or towels back to starting plank position.

3. Same Knee, Same Elbow Sliding Crunches
Keeping the disc or towel under your feet, bring your right knee to touch your right elbow for a side crunch in the plank position. Repeat for left side.

4. Opposite Knee, Opposite Elbow Sliding Crunches
Similar to exercise #3, twist your hips to bring your right knee to left elbow. Alternate to bring the opposite knee to opposite elbow as you repeat for the other side.

5. Sliding Jumping Jacks
From the plank position, slide both legs out to your sides and squeeze inner thighs to bring feet back together. Repeat without letting your upper body move.