Start your Active Sports Clubs membership on the right foot. Our Fitness Assessment plan sets your sights on success.

Whether you’re looking to shed a few pounds or tackle a sprint triathlon, having a goal is a glorious thing. But before you get to point B, you have to know where your point A is.

All new Active Sports Clubs members go through our Fitness Assessment— a complimentary, personal fitness assessment by a qualified exercise physiologist. During the assessment, you’ll determine a fitness plan based on your current level of conditioning, improvement areas and overall health.

What’s involved in the fitness assessment

Your exercise physiologist will:

  • Take a brief medical and exercise history
  • Analyze your current health, emphasizing flexibility, blood pressure, strength, heart rate and overall cardiovascular conditioning
  • Discuss your personal fitness goals with you
  • Devise the most optimal fitness plan to help you turn your goals into accomplishments
  • When you’ve both discussed your fitness goals, the exercise physiologist will devise the best, most optimal fitness plan to help you turn those goals into accomplishments